Friday, April 1, 2011

Meditation to lead a stress-free existence.

It tonifies the heart and the digestive and elimination systems, and circulates prana to the nadies.
Sitting in easy pose, place the arms up at the sides at an angle of 60 degrees from the horizontal, with the palms facing up and inward.  Elbows are straight.  Shake the hands vigorously, allowing the arms, shoulders, body, and legs to shake along with them.  Do this for 3 minutes.
Place the arms straight out in front, horizontal to the ground.  Bend the wrists toward you, so that the Jupiter finger (index finger) points upward.  The other fingers are curled under the thumb.  Moving only the wrists, rotate the Jupiter fingers outward, then downward, then inward, then upward again.  The right hand will have its Jupiter finger rotating clockwise around the wrist, and the left hand counter-clockwise.  The arms remain straight and stationary.  Try to keep the Jupiter finger in a vertical plane moving around the wrist.  Do this for 3 minutes.  Then inhale, hold and squeeze, and exhale, three time.

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