Friday, December 9, 2011

Meditation for patience, tolerance and deep self respect

Given by Yogi Bhajan, May 22, 2000
Mudra: Sit with a straight spine in cross legged position. Bring the right knee up to the chest, and lock both hands around the knee. Pull it in as close as possible to the chest.
Eyes: On the tip of the nose.
Mantra: “Tantric Har” by Simran and Guruprem was played. Mentally chant “Har” and breathe through the round mouth in rhythm with the mantra.
Breath: Breathe in and out through the round mouth, powerfully, along with the mantra.
Time: 31 minutes
End: Inhale deeply. Bring both hands flat against the chest, and press hard. Tighten yourself and stretch the spine from top to bottom. Exhale. Repeat one more time. The third time: inhale, hold, and stretch both arms up over the head. Keep the right knee into the chest without pressure. Stretch the spine and every muscle of the body. The harder you stretch the better it will be. Relax.

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