Sunday, March 27, 2011


Transformation is a funny thing. It seems there is a collective mindset that in order to enter a new enlightened era, we must drive the planet to hell and back. Yes, that is and has been a theme in our collective consciousness - the making of a conscious choice that delivers events and circumstances to force spiritual transformation and a resulting consciousness of greater enlightenment. But do we have to repeat history?  Is there a more enlightened choice we each can make in this process?  

What kundalini yoga focuses on is the experience of our balance point, the place between the breaths, shunia.  This experience of shunia is found when the effects of the polarities are neutralized.  Each asana, each breath, each thought offers an opportunity for transformation.  Shunia is where you will find expansion and joy, where you will reawaken within you the knowledge of your purpose and your own personal power as a Co-Creator.  Shunia is when you can navigate the drama of life and ride the waves back to shore.

I once heard a story of someone who had a block of ice and was trying to make it go away, so he was hacking at it with a shovel.  Then his neighbor came by and suggested that he use some nice warm water to melt the block of ice with.........  both methods have the same outcome.  Yet one is far more enjoyable then the other.  You have that choice, to be an ice whacker or a warm water pourer....
And the coolest thing is that you can change whenever you want, just because you have done things a certain way does not mean you have to keep doing them that same way.  

pour water and ride the waves I say!

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