Friday, March 18, 2011

Time to be a Yogi

Time to be a YOGI

Especially right now, it is not about the circumstances.  It is about
yourself in reaction to the circumstances.  Practice compassion!
This time of so much polarization is a spiritual sadhana for each of
us.    You need to know when to engage with what is going on and when
to disengage.  When it feels like too much information for you, then
it is and honor your knowing: take a news “fast”, or go on silence.
Hold on to your consciousness as a yogi, the shunia, the still point.
Avoid the trap of doing more to somehow feel better, sometimes the
best thing to do is nothing.  A lot of our energy needs to be focused
on clearing, and releasing the old reactive patterns.  This might look
like you are not doing anything, when in fact  you are releasing
toxins from the mental and astral fields, just by neutralizing your
reactions to life.  The polarizations are karma and the neutrality is
the alchemical process of transformation.  All solutions are within
you, always were and will be, take time to stop and listen.
Much love and light

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