Friday, January 20, 2012

Meditation for Word Power

Meditation for Word Power
POSTURE & MUDRA: Sit in Easy Pose with erect spine. Hands are in Gyan Mudra over knees or relaxed in lap, the right hand resting in left with both palms up.

MANTRA: There is no mantra for this meditation although you may want to play the Tantric Har recording for rhythmic support.

BREATH: Inhale deeply, exhale and hold the breath out as long as comfortable.

Then inhale deeply and immediately exhale again. Continue this breath pattern for 11 minutes as you do the following: As you hold the breath out, regularly pulse the Navel Point and the tip of the tongue together. Pull in the Navel Point and lift the tongue to strike the top of the mouth at the same time. The tongue must snap up as the navel snaps inward. It is a small precise movement. The mouth may be closed or relaxed and slightly open. You can silently imagine the Har sounds.

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