Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

 Yogi Bhajan brought us the most amazing teachings.  He explained if you want prosperity to flow to you, live not in someone else's image, but instead live in the image of your own highest consciousness.
Feeling grateful means to feel:  GREAT  and  FULL.  To be great is very simple:  "Right now, you are breathing, you are alive and you are fully alive.  Start with that and 3 things will happen:
  1. You will be prosperous.
  2. You will be rich.
  3. You will have many many opportunities come to you.
A student asked him how to really become Great, and he said it is important to forgive - and that forgiveness is towards you.  Forgive yourself first.

You need 3 basic understandings to have this happen:
  1. The Breath of Life comes from God.  
  2. It is to you, that it is coming.  (Allow it.)
  3. And you are with it.  (Be with it, saturate yourself with it, accept it.)
That's your first conscious act to becoming Great and Full.
--Yogi Bajan, 6/23/95